RUGBY JAMBOREE – Shrine to Sir Colin “Pinetree” Meads

Paul Robilliard enjoys a keen interest in rugby and began collecting rugby memorabilia about 20 years ago.  However his collection was limited until he began working with Sir Colin Meads in the early 2000’s.

Paul met “Pinetree”

Back at that time Paul started working for timber preservation specialist Koppers Arch who supplied the Tanalised® treatment solution and he was given the enviable job of working and travelling with Sir Colin promoting the Tanalised® brand throughout New Zealand. Pinetree had become the brand ambassador for Tanalised®, after he retired from playing in the 1970’s.  Colin was a great fit for Tanalised®, he used their treated posts in fences on his own farm and he genuinely believed in the product. There is a famous story, when Colin was asked to do an advert for Tanalised®, one of the film crew, a “townie”, asked if it was possible for him to pick up a post for the photo.  The crew member turned away briefly to examine the camera and when he looked back Colin had two posts on one shoulder and another under his arm.  At other times Pinetree has confessed, “I went to pick these bloody things up thinking it would be easy, and Christ they were heavy! Still full of bloody water from the treatment. But I wasn’t going to let him know that so I gritted my teeth, stood for the shot and took off up the hill carrying these things as fast as I could.” Over the years Paul and “Pinetree” became great mates and Paul’s interest in collecting also became greater.  Paul was fortunate to acquire Grahame Thorne’s No. 13 jersey from the 1973 New Zealand Presidents team, the team captained by Pinetree that beat the All Blacks on Athletic Park.  The jersey is now beautifully framed alongside match programmes and team photos.  Paul even brought it down to Te Kuiti to show Colin and his wife Verna.  And now Paul is bringing some of his collection to show us at the Jamboree.

The Rugby Jamboree is free for everyone, so come and book a stall and show us your pet rugby project.