March 18 2005

 New Zealand at the 2005 RWC Sevens.

The 2005 Rugby World Cup Sevens were played in Hong Kong 18 – 20 March 2005.

 New Zealand were untroubled in pool play and in their quarter-final, had a real struggle with Australia in the semi-final, then, not for the first time, went down to Fiji in the final.

Liam Messam - NZ captain.

New Zealand results:

March 18:

v Korea           Won 47 – 0. Toeava (2), Ellison, Wulf, Ai’i, Messam, Mafi      tries. Ai’i (5), Toeava con.

v Ireland          Won 52 – 5. Blackie (4), Ai’i, Wulf, Toeava, Cocker tries. Ai’i (3) Valence (3) con.

v Tonga           Won 19 – 12. Cocker, Blackie, Ai’i tries. Ai’i (2) con.

March 19:

v USA              Won 45 – 0. Ioasa (3), Toeava, Ellison, Wulf, Naoupu tries. Valence (5) con.

v Scotland      Won 48 – 0. Wulf (3), Ai’i, Valence, Messam, Ioasa, Naoupu tries. Ai’i (4) con.

March 20:

v France (q-ter-final)         Won 33 – 7. Latimer, Valence, Ioasa, Wulf, Ellison tries. Ai’i (2), Valence (2) con.

v Australia (semi-final)     Won 24-20. Valence (2), Blackie, Messam tries. Valence     (2) con.

v Fiji (final)               Lost 19 – 29. Blackie, Toeava, Wulf tries. Valence (2) con.

credits...Tulloch Photography

New Zealand Sevens Squad
Back Row: R N Wulf, LO Mafi, A. Valence.
Second Row: K Roberts (fitness trainer), E Rush (technical advisor), E Cocker, G E Naoupu, J M Blackie,T S J Ioasa, G Potts (physiathempist), J Titus (communications officer)
Front Row:
G Tietjens (coach), I Toeava, 0 Ai’i, L J Messam (captain),T D Latimer,T E Ellison, R Everiss (manager).