March 20 1889

“Natives” winning run continues.

By beating York 4 -3 in a really close game the “Natives” won their seventh game in the row. This was their 71st game in Britain since October 3, a huge number, and to maintain winning form so late in their tour speaks volumes for the skill, determination and resilience of the team.  

Patrick Keogh - try scorer.


London, March 20. The Maori Football Team defeated the York Club by a goal and a try to a goal.”——-10–1—-0–&st=1

 “MATCH No. 71.versus YORK, at YORK.


Travelled from Manchester and put up at the Adelphi Hotel. Met a really good team.

Score: Natives – 1 goal, 1 try.

York – 1 goal.”

From “RUGBY FOOTBALL AND THE TOUR OF THE NATIVE TEAM”, compiled by T Eyton. Published 1896.P. 67.

The teams.